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Enuresis Alarm

  • malem-2.jpg

The Enuresis Alarm Malem represents a definitive solution to the problem of “bed-wetting”. Through its sound, in fact, the alarm alerts the child’s brain that the body is performing a wrong act. Making brain conscious and aware of the sensation of urinating in bed will develop its natural control over the bladder, making sure that the child recognizes the stimulus and gets out of bed to satisfy it.

Over time the child will get used to the gesture of getting up to pee, making this action become natural and permanent.

Unlike taking drugs, this type of solution therefore allows a definitive elimination of the problem of “bed pee”, generally within three months from starting use.

6 useful tips for success

1. Parents should initially help the child to wake up when they hear the alarm
2. The child understand that it is necessary to wake up and the alarm is to help him in this
3. Parents should not wake up the baby and go to the bathroom during sleep, he should feel the stimulus himself
4. The child can drink as much as he wants
5. In this phase of treatment, diapers should not be used
6. Parents are invited to praise and support the child throughout the period, in order to enhance his progress and motivate him to do better and better