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Triangular Prostatic Stent TPS

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The Triangular Prostatic Stent TPS Allium is an endoprosthesis specifically designed for a new flexibility in the treatment of prostatic obstructions that combines the safety of plastic stents with the width of the lumen obtainable only with metal stents.

This particular stent is a device with a large-caliber triangular cross-section to match to the lumen of the prostatic urethra and exerts a variable radial force according to its anatomy. The highest radial force is in the main body while it decreases in the area near the external sphincter to avoid any sphincter dysfunctions. Connected to the main body through a trans-sphincteric tract, the anchoring segment performs a self-fixing function that guarantees stability to the stent.

The main features are:

Extended stay time (up to 3 years)
Easy insertion under topical anesthesia
Easy positioning and removal
Excellent compliance of the prostatic urethral lumen
Excellent patient comfort
Excellent emptying control
Conservation of sexual function
No tissue growing

The Triangular Prostatic Stent TPS ALLIUM is available in a single diameter of 45 Fr, with lengths of 30/40/50/60 mm.