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Bulbar Urethral BUS Stent

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  • bus.jpg

The Bulbar Urethral Stent is specifically designed for the treatment of recurrent stenoses along the bulbar urethra and it is large caliber in order to adapt itself to the contours of the bulbar urethral lumen. The main body 
acts as a mold to allow the formation of a large urethral lumen. A dynamic sphincter segment prevents sphincter dysfunction that can cause incontinence.

The characteristics of BUS stent are:
Long-term residence time (up to 3 years)
Possibility of endoscopic and fluoroscopic insertion
Insertion under topical anesthesia
Easy insertion, positioning and removal of the device
Excellent comfort for the staff
Excellent emptying control
Conservation of sexual function
No tissue growing
Nitinol completely incorporated to reduce the foreign tissue reaction
A complete sealing effect on scar tissue for regeneration/remodeling of tissues

Stent size:
45 Fr caliber and 50/60/80 mm lengths
There is also a Reverse 80mm version, designed for rare cases in which the stenosis is near the external sphincter or when it is the limit of the distal bulb, meeting the urethra of the penis.

Below an illustrative video: