Our history

Essedue Group was founded in 2007 by a group of professionals with over twenty-years experience in the field of medicine. Over the years we have specialised in the Urology sector and have become a leading company in Italy for the import, distribution and sale of operating room electro-medical products and devices. Today Essedue Group is the privileged partner of some of the most important international companies dealing with electro-medical equipment. We currently collaborate with both public and private hospitals.

Our services

Essedue Group guarantees that the products it offers are of the highest quality. Our experts follow every aspect of the business from scientific research, organisational and financial development, right through to communication and marketing. Over the last few years Essedue Group has gained unique industry know-how and, by providing health workers with leading techniques and high quality service, has made customer satisfaction its main priority.

Our partners

Essedue Group has forged partnerships with some of the leading international companies in the field of urology, encompassing the importation, distribution and sale of a wide range of devices. These long-standing relationships have helped Essedue Group&

  • Allium
  • Bard
  • Koelis
  • SoracteLite
  • Lamidey
  • Mod├ČLite